Jamie Gorson

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science and Learning Sciences

I am a PhD student in Computer Science and Learning Sciences, a joint Ph.D. program at Northwestern University between the McCormick School of Engineering and the School of Education and Social Policy. I am interested in designing and building technology that increases student engagement and motivation in hands-on and project-based learning environments. I am currently conducting research in the Delta Lab with Professor Eleanor O'Rourke in designing a development environment for novice programmers that promotes a growth mindset by praising learning process. I received my B.S. from Olin College of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a concentration in Innovative Education. My research is funded by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program in the field of STEM Ed.

Recent Updates

  • I was accepted in the Segal Design Cluster. As a Segal Design Cluster Fellow, I will conduct research on promoting growth mindset in introductory computer science students through developing an interface that praises process. This research is advised by Professor Eleanor O'Rourke and Professor Michael Horn.
  • I presented TunePad at the Work-In-Progress poster session at Interaction Design and Children in Stanford, CA from June 27-30.
  • I attended CSCL in Philadelphia, PA from June 18-22 and participated in the Digitally-Mediated Design Thinking Workshop.
  • "TunePad: Computational Thinking Through Sound Composition" was accepted to IDC (Interaction Design and Children) as Work-In-Progress!