Hi! I'm Jamie Gorson.

About me

I am a PhD student at Northwestern University in Technology and Social Behavior, a combined program in Computer Science and Communications. My interest is in designing and building technology to increase hands-on and project-based learning for formal and informal educational spaces. I am currently working in the Delta Lab with Professor Matthew Easterday and in the TIDAL Lab with Professor Michael Horn. In the labs, I work with students in both Computer Sciences and Learning Sciences disciplines. I received my B.S. from Olin College of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a concentration in Innovative Education. My research is funded by the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program in the field of STEM Ed.

Current Projects

Tune Pad

In congunction with a team from Georgia Tech, we are developing a tangible learning tool which uses computational theories to create music. The Tune Pad is based on the Georgia Tech Project called EarSketch, a web-app that teaches users to code while creating music and works in conjuntion with the Tune Table, a museum exhibit.

Past Projects

Brightbox: A Hands-On Learning Technology for Rural India

I project managed a team to develop, build and deploy the Brightbox and the associated curriculum to aid in teaching kids optics. The Brightbox is used in schools in rural India and Ghana to encourage exploratory learning and a curiosity for science.

Capture It: A Mobile Design App for Kids

For my capstone engineering project, my team and I developed and built Capture It , an application in DS Solidwork's new educational app ecosystem called Apps for Kids. Capture It is a brainstorming application aimed at kids aged eight to fourteen, meant to inspire creativity and curiosity in the design process.

Engineering Design Independent Researcher and Consultant

Worked with faculty at KU Leuven and Thomas More, higher education institutes in Belgium, to reimagine their Comunity Service Engineering programs and incorporate design thinking and project-based learning into their engineering programs, both at the bachelor and post-graduate levels.

Other projects

Computational Robotics -- Bringing Design Thinking to Belgium -- Discrete Math Evaluation of the Enigma Machine -- S2 - User Centered Design -- A Data Science Project -- Robotic Player Guitar -- Teaching the Principles of Motors -- FPGA Piano -- 3D Competitive Snake Game -- Design Nature Transporter --