Jamie Gorson

Ph.D. Student in Computer Science and Learning Sciences

Current Project

Novice Programmers Talk About Intelligence:

We are exploring how students talk about intelligence in order to understand how their mindset and self-efficacy appraisals influences their programming behaviors.


Jamie Gorson, Eleanor O’Rourke (2019). How Do Students Talk About Intelligence? An Investigation of Motivation, Self-efficacy, and Mindsets in Computer Science. Proceedings of the ACM International Computing Education Research Conference (ICER 2019). [Paper]

Previous Graduate Research Projects

Designing a PBL Design Environment:

We conducted an iterative design-based research study to find out how we can design a scalable and desirable learning environment for highly ill-structured problems that teaches problem analysis and planning so that teams innovate more effectively through rapid iteratioin. We conducted this study in a 6-week full-time extracurricular design program with 22 undergraduate students in a US university.


Daniel G. Rees Lewis, Jamie Gorson, Leesha V. Maliakal, Spencer E. Carlson, Elizabeth M. Gerber, Christopher K. Riesbeck, and Matthew W. Easterday (2018). Planning to iterate: Supporting iterative practices for real-world ill-structured problem-solving. Presented at ICLS 2018. [Paper]

Spencer E. Carlson, Leesha V. Maliakal, Daniel G. Rees Lewis, Jamie Gorson, Elizabeth M. Gerber, and Matthew W. Easterday (2018). Defining and assessing risk analysis: the key to strategic iteration in real-world problem solving. Presented at ICLS 2018. [Paper]


I worked on the initial prototypes of TunePad, which introduces learners to computational thinking while leveraging their creativity in composing music. We hope to balance playful, informal learning while also preparing learners for formal computing environments.


Jamie Gorson, Nikita Patel, Elham Beheshti, Brian Magerko, Michael Horn (2017). TunePad: Computational Thinking Through Sound Composition. In Proceedings of Interaction Design and Children (IDC'17). Stanford, CA.

More Past Projects