For Olin’s User Oriented Collaborative Design course, I worked on a team to understand and design for volunteer physicians. In a semester, we were tasked to design something which would make a significant impact on the lives of Volunteer Physicians. The team, four other students and myself, engaged in a User Centered Design process where we challenged ourselves to epathize and understand our users. We visited clinics and hospitals, interviewed physicians and investigated other stakeholders. We identified areas of opportunities, which helped us build frameworks, like personas and journeys, to extract deeper meaning. Once we had a full understanding of the values and needs of our users, we ferociously ideated and strategically codesigned. In the end, we developed the S2, an intelligent note-taking add-on to a stethoscope. Many volunteer physicians resent the overhaul of their field by technology and reject doctors who spend their appointment time glued to the computer instead of interacting with patients. We were able to turn their apprehension towards technology into an asset by designing a device which would help the physicians increase time interacting with their patients.

Below is our slide deck which details the design processes we went through

Teammates: Emily Wang, Justin Poh, Mitchell Cieminski, Jack Fan

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